Preschool Cost Estimator Contributors

American Institutes for Research thanks a number of organizations and individuals for their contributions to the development of the Preschool Cost Estimator:

Dr. Stacie Golin, formerly with the Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR), and Anne Mitchell, for their development of methodology for states to estimate the cost of preschool building on the existing system of early care and education, which AIR has adapted for use at the county level.

Dr. Karen Hill-Scott, president of the Karen Hill-Scott and Company (KHS), and Darren Dang, former vice-president of KHS, for their development of an interactive cost model used to estimate the cost of preschool for the Los Angeles Master Plan for Preschool, which served as an inspiration to AIR for converting our county-level cost estimate methodology into a more user-friendly tool. For resources on preschool planning, visit the KHS website, where you will find a repository of the latest early childhood research and information on California county efforts to improve access to high-quality preschool.

Randy Bonnell of the California Department of Education for providing CDE data on State Preschool and General Child Care enrollment down to the zip code level for all 58 counties in the state and thereby providing a key element of the data AIR used to estimate the cost of expanding and upgrading preschool in every county in the state.

Edward Condon, executive director of the California Head Start Association, for supporting AIR's 2006 survey of Head Start grantees and delegate agencies on 4-year-old enrollment down to the zip code level, another key ingredient used to estimate the cost of upgrading preschool services in every county.